CP LAND Ranks 2nd for Social Media Real Estate Brand in 3 Quarters by Zanroo

CP Land Public Company Limited, also known as CP LAND, a prominent real estate developer in Thailand, has secured the second position for being one of the most discussed real estate brands on social media, as per Share of Voice (SOV) rankings for the first nine months of 2023. These rankings are based on survey results from Zanroo, a comprehensive social listening service provider.

CP LAND has also emerged as one of the top 10 real estate brands performing exceptionally well on social media during the first half of 2023, according to the Thailand Social Awards survey. This achievement is attributed to CP LAND's successful image revamp after four decades of operations.

Sasinan Allmand, Strategic Committee of Marketing and Communications, CP LAND, expressed her excitement at the unexpected recognition. She emphasised that CP LAND's success in the social media sphere is a result of their innovative "Accessible Communities for Life" brand concept and their focus on Creative Marketing strategies. These strategies involve close collaboration among teams, regardless of the task's scale, with the goal of creating a positive impact within budget constraints.
Allmand further highlighted the importance of aligning campaigns with the parent brand, ensuring a consistent and cohesive approach across all communication platforms to reach a wider audience.

"We strive to utilise every brand asset efficiently and select communication methods that are easy to pop recent achievements are credited in part to their music video campaign for the song "Hua Jai Pook Gun Happiness Is All Around." The campaign featured a reimagined version of the song by Boy Kosiyaphong, a renowned artist and songwriter. Additionally, the "CP LAND Presents JerSukJerNanJerNee" campaign showcased a group of artists led by Singto Numchok, a popular artist and singer known for his cheerful personality and love for family. The campaign, titled " Happiness Is All Around," aligned with CP LAND's new brand image. Other notable artists and singers, including Wan Thanakrit, Da Endorphine, Tao Settaphong, and Pop Pongkool, were enlisted as influencers to promote CP LAND through various online channels.

CP LAND's latest marketing campaign, "Singto NumPro," features Singto Numchok and offers special benefits to customers through collaborations with 17 business partners, running from today until November 30, 2023. With a focus on Creative Marketing strategies, CP LAND is actively seeking collaborations and partnerships both within and outside the industry. The company aims to launch concrete and creative cooperative activities with partners by 2024 to continually promote happiness within society.
Wisutthiya Daranon, Director of Business Development and Strategy at Internet Base Business Group Company Limited (Zanroo), praised CP LAND's achievements in online communication. He emphasised that the company's success follows a brand refresh and a concerted effort to engage in online communication seriously and consistently. Zanroo's brand measurement and ranking criteria assess various social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Pantip, Webboard, Blog, and Website. These assessments rely on social listening and brand trends on social media to analyse the market, competitors, and other factors influencing brand development.

The Thailand Social Awards criteria cover communication efficiency and brand discussions across five key social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube, from January 1 to June 30, 2023. These criteria are measured through the Wisesight Brand Metric, evaluating brand performance, communication efficiency, sentiment, and more.

To stay updated on CP LAND's news and activities, follow them on Facebook: CP LAND, Instagram: CPLAND.Official, YouTube: CP LAND, TikTok: CPLAND.Official, and visit their website at www.CPLAND.co.th.

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