When CP Tower 1 (Silom) opened in 1989, it immediately became the “gold standard” for AAA office space in Bangkok and soon became the anchor around which the Silom CBD evolved. In the intervening 4 decades CP Tower, the commercial development arm of CP LAND has developed an additional 11 CP Tower buildings, 3 others in Metro Bangkok and 9 in provincial cities across Thailand, furthering the commitment of CP LAND to community building across all of Thailand. Each CP Tower is convenient to transit includes integrated retail and supports tenants with expert and responsive faciltiies management. To learn more and find the right address for your new company or company expansion.


Initially established to provide facility management services to CP Tower tenants, CP facility Management (CPFM) has leveraged its broad experience and specialized knowledge of building resource management and now offers facility management services to a wide range of customers across Thailand. A crucial part of the CP LAND community building ideal, CPFM combines key professional expertise in engineering, energy, safety and infrastructure to meet the needs of its clients and add value, comfort and peace of mind to their real estate investments. To learn more about how CPFM can support your company.

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