CP LAND Wins Asia’s Best Social Media Advertising Campaign

C.P. LAND Public Company Limited (CP LAND), Thailand’s pioneering property developer, has secured a Silver Winner Award in the Best Social Media Advertising Campaign category for its “Happiness is all Around” campaign at the Hashtag Asia Awards 2024 held in Singapore. This prestigious award recognizes outstanding social media showcases that inspire trending currents and online phenomena. The campaign, launched in collaboration with the agency ‘Youngsanti’, highlights CP LAND’s success in digital marketing.

Sasinan Allmand, Strategic Committee of Marketing and Communications at CP LAND, stated, “CP LAND’s executive board members and staffs are delighted and proud that the ‘Happiness is all Around’ campaign has secured a Silver Winner Award in the Best Social Media Advertising Campaign category.

The award criteria were based on context, strategy, activity, and response. The campaign has also been ranked second most discussed on social media in the first nine months of 2023, according to a survey by Zanroo. Additionally, CP LAND has emerged as one of the top 10 real estate brands performing exceptionally well on social media during the first half of 2023, as per the Thailand Social Awards survey.

“We strive to utilize every brand asset efficiently and select communication methods aligning with budget optimization. We employ easy-to-understand communication to reach all customer groups, particularly the new generation, for whom online channels are most influential. Our focus is on creative marketing, with strategies that create diverse executions while conveying the core concept consistently. This approach ensures effective budget use, rapid trend creation, and appropriate target group responses, leading to online viral trends,” Allmand explained.

Santi Suwanvalaikorn, Chief Creative Officer at Youngsanti, the key campaign supporter of “Happiness is all Around,” stated, “Youngsanti is proud to be part of this happiness by proposing an idea based on a true story and conveying it to the public. The creative concept Happiness Is All Around’ highlights CP LAND’s past and current achievements, creating awareness among Thai people through the ‘Hero Campaign,’ where celebrated artist Singto Numchok brings happiness to all.”

Singto Numchok, travelling with a caravan of happiness, features music on a truck-converted concert stage, bringing joy to various destinations. During the journey, goods and other necessities are distributed and installed in many areas as part of spreading small happiness.

However, CP LAND’s ultimate goal is to transform every area in Thailand into a hub of happiness, fostering a strong, sustainable society for everyone, every life, every day, as the brand’s slogan, “CP LAND, quality for every life,” suggests.

This achievement is a result of CP LAND’s significant efforts in creative marketing communications, stemming from the brand’s rebranding over the 40 years under the concept of ‘Accessible Communities for Life.’ Since then, CP LAND has continued to employ a music-driven strategy in collaboration with “Boyd Kosiyapong,” featuring “Hua Jai Pook Gun: Happiness Is All Around Version.”

The current advertising campaign, “Happiness Is All Around,” led by Singto Numchok, is launched through online channels including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X, conveying CP LAND’s core values of being caring, community-minded, responsive, and sustainable. The campaign has received an excellent response, with combined views exceeding 40 million, enhancing the new brand image. Additionally, four other well-known artists—Wan Thanakrit, Da Endorphine, Tao Sattaphong, and Pop Pongkul—have joined as influencers, communicating the key message “Caravan of Happiness” through their online channels.

In addition to commercial campaigns, CP LAND’s Corporate Social Marketing initiative features scenes where Singto helps install and turn on lights from solar power poles for villagers driving in the dark, symbolizing, “Even in remote areas, happiness will be a light for everyone.”

This line, used in CP LAND’s commercials, is also part of the “Solar Cell For Life project: Happiness Is All Around,” which debuted in Kiriwong Village, Kamlon Subdistrict, Lansaka District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The project continues to expand to Si Chomphu District, Khon Kaen Province, and Noen Maprang District, Phitsanulok Province, this year.

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