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We at CP LAND appreciate creativity and empower everyone to innovate and lead in our dynamic spaces.

CP LAND is recruiting for many teammates.

CP LAND believes that every employee is the key to driving the business to achieve its goals for success.

Core Values

We believe that our mission and vision It can be achieved if we are fully committed to creating a culture based on the values of the organization. as follows


Dedicated to a sustainable and resilient approach to operations. CP LAND is committed to working in a way that can maintain and promote sustainability in the future in the long term. The company is prepared to be able to adjust its action plan to respond to challenges or changes that occur quickly and effectively.

Quality Focus

Focus on maintaining and improving quality. At CP LAND, we focus on maintaining excellent quality standards while constantly developing and improving. To lead the enterprise to growth on the foundation of our high level of quality.


Strive to create the best customer experience by adhering to a customer-centric approach. CP LAND is committed to providing the best experience to customers to impress and receive excellent service every time they come to the service. Listen to customer feedback, then immediately improve and develop.

Growth Mindset

Encourage growth ideas to create value for stakeholders. At CP LAND, we always support and encourage an attitude and concept that focuses on development and growth. Growth Mindset for Adaptation Always learning and developing. In addition, the event also focuses on creating benefits and values for all parties involved in order to maintain a good and sustainable relationship.


Flexible in work and enthusiastic about adaptation. CP LAND We have the ability to adapt and learn to work in different situations perfectly. Whether it is internal changes, external environments, or customer needs, we are always prepared and have a plan to deal with them. To respond to changes and developments to the fullest potential and with the greatest efficiency.

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Medical expenses for themselves and their families.

life insurance

Health Flexibility Benefit

Get-well gifts

Disaster relief assistance

Bank welfare loans

Child Scholarship

Annual Health Check-up

Provident Fund

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